Monday, August 27, 2007

Red Hat Developer Studio - Introduction

The beta version of Red hat Developer Studio has been released recently. RHDS is a based on eclipse with set of pre-configured tools from JBoss IDE and Exadel Studio. RHDS gives us out of box and 100% open source platform for enterprise-level, innovative and scalable applications. RHDS enables you to create seam application, visually design JSF using AJAX components, generate entity beans from your database using Hibernate and much more...

I have downloaded the installer for Windows platform, and installation was pretty simple 8 step. JBoss is bundled with the installer.

Here is the Splashscreen of Red hat developer studio. Little bit heavy than standard eclipse release since it loads pretty much plugins.

The workspace is the one we are already familiar with. The first most important and biggest differences are rich component Palette, Web tab, and additional perspective.

The lovely palette contains pre-configured, useful tools, categorized in the following order.
  • HTML
    • All elements
  • JBoss
    • Ajax4jsf
    • RichFaces
    • Seam
  • JSF
    • Core
    • Facelets
    • HTML
  • JSTL
    • Core
    • Formatting
    • SQL
    • XML
  • MyFaces
    • Extensions
    • Sandbox
    • Tomahawk
  • Oracle ADF Faces
    • Core
    • HTML
  • Struts
    • Bean
    • Common
    • Form
    • HTML
    • Logic
    • Nested
    • Tiles
  • Struts Shale
    • Clay Plugin
    • Core
    • List
    • Object
    • Structural
    • Table
    • Text
    • XForms
    • Basic
You can download the the beta for Windows and Linux from here. I strongly suggest you play with it and provide feedback to Red Hat. But better to wait for a or few more months, letting it to become more mature enough for real life projects.

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