Monday, August 20, 2007

Flash problem in IE "Click to activate and use this control"

It may be old problem, but i have just encountered this problem when i was updating the corporate portal of our company. Our new design have some flash animations for product spotlights and advertisements. In Internet explorer, these flash objects needs a click to activate and play which is a problem for my boss. So i looked around for the solution and found out. There is a small javascript trick that solves this problem globally, Or you can apply some patches to your browser which solves the problem only on your desktop. Please, download the javascript from here. In this archive, you can find an example that shows how to implement.

Good luck ;)

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Anonymous said...

Nice hacks, but only if you want to have your hair go grey... There is a lot of cross browser issues if you're not careful (ie. with preloading on some browsers).

Pretty much the "right way" nowadays is to use SWFObject, that apart from standard embed, has some more advantages up to its sleeve (like express install of newer player version).