Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Developer News

I have been slashdotted from yesterday. It is fantastic. I will submit another detailed post about how my traffic increased and what kind of effects are done on my blog. While i was digging into slashdot, i have found news good for developers.

Red Hat Developer Studio released as beta - It is a set of eclipse-based development tools that are pre-configured for JBoss Enterprise Middleware Platforms and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Developers are not required to use Red Hat Developer Studio to develop on JBoss Enterprise Middleware and/or Red Hat Linux. But, many find these pre-configured tools offer significant time-savings and value, making them more productive and speeding time to deployment. Red Hat Developer Studio will be available as a new subscription offering soon. Red Hat Developer Studio 1.0 Beta 1 is now available for Linux and Windows. You can download the beta from the following links:
Red Hat Developer Studio 1.0 Beta 1 for Linux
Red Hat Developer Studio 1.0 Beta 1 for Windows

Windows Live ID Web Authentication has been released (final 1.0 release) . Windows Live™ ID is the authentication system for Microsoft’s online services such as Xbox Live,, MSDN Subscribe downloads. Windows Live™ ID Web Authentication provides single sign on to Microsoft’s online services as well as delivering the technical capability for third parties to use Windows Live™ ID as their authentication source on their web site or rich client application. see here for original post.

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