Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Symfony Live 2010 and Symfony 2.0

I have attended Symfony Live 2010 in Paris. It was really nice experience for me to see paris, and symfony community. and symfony core team as well. Fabien announced Symfony 2.0 at the end of the conference, which was exciting and amazing news for the community. It is going to be completely different than the previous versions, and currently it is ready on the www.symfony-reloaded.org for the usage. At the end of this year, it is going to be launched officially as stable version. Symfony 2.0 will going to be very fast, and very flexible framework. Currently we use Symfony 1.4 for the most of our projects. But at the end of this year, we will migrate into 2.0 version as soon as it become stable.

About the conference, you can find all the presentations here, here, and here

and you also can find some photos of mine, and many others