Monday, February 25, 2008

Zend vs Symfony framework

I wrote about my decision to go on with Zend framework. Few days ago, i already posted an article, review, resources and tutorials about ZF here. Then i went through that articles and tutorials, spent about two weeks just for reading and learning. Let me say that related resources are not enough on Zend framework. It was very difficult for me to find howtos on any topic related to ZF.

Instead i visited Symfony website, and found there everything needed to go forward. There is a great online free book of Symfony, explaining everything in detail and tutorial directory, trac, wiki, and plugins repository. I warmed up very fast and changed my mind. Now i am far from that days, and very happy with Symfony Framework. And i know that i can integrate Zend framework components into my Symfony application when it is needed.

Symfony is a real MVC framework that makes web application development easier and faster, while Zend framework is not a framework, just container for useful components or libraries. Zend framework doesn't have command line tools, crud generator, plugins etc... which means you have to stilllll repeat your codes, and spend time on useless boring tasks like CRUD.