Monday, July 30, 2007

Mashable Toolkits for web developers

I have found an useful toolbox for web developers and bloggers on Mashable which is the biggest blog on social networking, ranks among the top 100 blog worldwide. I liked the following toolboxes that make our job more productive and fast. More you can find on the Mashable.

CMS Toolbox: 80+ Open Source Content Management Systems
There are plenty of Content management systems out there. Mashable collection consist of more than 80 cms system.

Analytics Toolbox: 50+ Ways to Track Website Traffic
Very handy tools and services for specially web admins to track their website statistics and make analysis.

Web Development Toolbox: 120+ Web Development Resources
As rewarding as web development is, it can also be a pain sometimes, especially if you spend half your time looking for the right tools and resources. List of over 120 web development resources to make your life easier.

Make Money Online: 100+ Tools and Resources
We have to earn some money since we helped someone, saved their time, gave advices and provided solutions. So here is the ways how to make money online.

PDF Toolbox: 40+ Tools to Rip, Mix and Burn PDFs
We often need to convert documentation files of our project into PDF format before give them to customers.

Web Design Toolbox: 50+ Tools for Web Design
There are now scores of tools that turn ordinary folks into designers and plenty of new toys for the pros, too.

Work Together: 60+ Collaborative Tools for Groups
Team! We are the part of the teams. So collaboration tools play important role in the teams.

40+ Firefox Add-ons for High Speed Blogging
Most of the developers have blogs and use Firefox. Here is the 40 add-ons for Firefox that provide quick access to handy blogging tools.

Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers.
An aspiring blogger can be overwhelmed with the vast amount of resources, tools, and advice for bloggers available on the net.

The Wiki Toolbox: 30+ Wiki Tools and Resources
Wikis, sites that can be collaboratively edited, are among the most popular tools for teams working together online.

The Ultimate RSS Toolbox - 120+ RSS
Never again will mankind have to look for RSS info in more than one place…ok, we’re kidding, but we’ve aimed to create a near comprehensive list of all the RSS readers, tools, browser plugins, tips, hacks and directories available on the web. We hope you find it useful (we built it because we needed it), and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

50+ Tools For The WordPress Admin
This list can be very handy for wordpress admins

30+ AJAX-Powered WordPress Plugins
The WordPress blog platform has thousands of plugins, and many of them now use ajax to improve usability.

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