Sunday, July 8, 2007

Looking for Light WebServer?

Apache is the best web server i have ever tried. Nobody can say the opposite one. But for someone who plan to host lightweight application, Apache may come heavier since it has many modules which brings load to system. Of course you can add/remove modules by changing httpd.config file, but what if you are having shared hosting? So shortly, if you need different, new, faster, secure, you can give a try to Lighttpd. You can host PHP applications on Lighttpd, here is the short tutorial how to do so;

According to the their statistics, Lighttpd is faster than other servers in most cases. Netcraft also reported that Lighttpd is one of TOP 5 web servers on the internet. TOP sites using Lighttpd are;
- youtube
- wikipedia
- sendspace
- and more than 178,619 detected servers

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