Thursday, July 5, 2007

Looking for Free PHP/MySQL Web Hosting?

I have been PHP developer for five years, now still dealing with PHP in some projects. The biggest problem for me was to host my PHP applications on the internet just for real test or production at low cost. If you want to test your application on the internet or you can even host it as a production application without paying no fee, there is one place i can suggest you; which i tried and can say service is really good. Of course, you can pay for additional service such as domain name, more space and more database. The service they offer for free is;
  • 110MB 2000MB Space
  • Dual Xeon & Opteron based Servers
  • PHP 5
  • Live Support - *Open 5 hours a day
  • FTP (chmod enabled)
  • Sendmail (PHP Mail) - *Must activate
  • Your Own Domain Hosting
  • Safe Mode OFF
  • 10GB 100GB Bandwidth
  • SSI
  • MYSQL 5 - *Must activate
  • IonCube & Zend Support
  • NO popups, spam or ads ANYWHERE
  • Apache 2.0 based System
  • Guides on How To Market & Build Your Site
Good luck


I have found some more free PHP/MySQL hosting services, but i suggest 110mb, just listing the others for consideration.
  • 100 Webspace
    • 1 MySQL database
    • 5 MB MySQL database storage
    • phpMyAdmin
    • CGI-BIN / Perl
    • PHP support
    • FrontPage Extensions
    • Over 3400 Perl modules
  • 12 GB Free
    • 12Gb Webspace
    • 25Gb Monthly Data Transfer
    • No Forced Ads
    • FTP Supported
  • 789 MB
    • Features: PHP 5, MYSQL, FTP
    • 15GB disk space, 250GB Ultra-Quality bandwidth
    • 5 MYSQL Databases and 5 MYSQL Users
    • 99.9% SLA Uptime Guarantee
    • Zero Ads
  • 4000 Webs Free Hosting
    • 4000 MB disk space
    • 8000 MB transfer
    • PHP/MySQL Database
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Karol Krizka said...

110MB just dropped support for free MySQL database, see more info here.

Thanks for the other suggestions though! Some of them look very great!

Bayarsaikhan said...

Hi Karol?
oh it is bad to hear about 110mb. actually most of the free hosting services are not stable, and can only be used for testing your app or for temporary use.

thanks for the

Anonymous said...

is a good list but if allowed i will sugest