Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sharepoint and MOSS 2007 resources, articles and tutorials

From now on, i will try to introduce one blog in a week. Here is the Heather Solomon's Blog, which contains an index of resources for SharePoint products and technologies. This list is slightly slanted towards design and customization, but there are also several resources related to other SharePoint topics. All links are organized into categories, then into resource type (article, blog post, topic, etc).

This is the some titles of categories, each including more than 10 articles, blog posts and tutorials.
  • SharePoint References and Resources
  • Reference Sites
  • SharePoint 2003 - Customization/Modifications Tutorials and Articles
  • SharePoint 2003 - Miscellaneous
  • SharePoint 2003 - Product and Technology Info and Tools
  • SharePoint 2003 - Web Parts
  • SharePoint 2007 - Customization/Modifications
  • SharePoint 2007 - Miscellaneous
  • SharePoint 2007 - Product and Technology Info and Tools
  • SharePoint 2007 - Web Content Management (WCM)