Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Multithreading in PHP with CURL
Most PHP developers have heard of the CURL extension for PHP or even used it. However it is mostly used in a basic form: to retrieve content from other websites or (RESTful) webservices. Ofcourse PHP itself offers several functions (like fopen or fsockopen) for getting this content, but they are all very basic. It is easy to run into limitations, for example you might want to define the request method or set another user agent (if you're building a webspider). This is where the curl extension kicks in. It is a separate library that has to be compiled with PHP in order to use it. The Curl extension has many functions and options which offer the developer more flexibility than the standard PHP functions.
Top 10 tips to get better PHP jobs - PHP Classes blog
1. Qualify yourself to stand out from the crowd
2. Stay upto date with the latest trends
3. Get more exposure to yourself in the PHP community
4. Advertise yourself conveniently
5. Do well on job interviews
6. Get ready to adapt to a new company culture
7. Evolve in your career making your employer profit more
8. Preserve your job
9. Get ready to move on to a better job
10. Other people tips
Scaling Out MySQL
With the recent acquisition of MySQL by Sun, there has been talk about the MySQL open source database now becoming relevant to large enterprises, presumably because it now benefits from Sun's global support, professional services and engineering organizations. In a blog post about the acquisition, SUN CEO Jonathan Schwartz wrote that this is one of his objectives.
33 Most Beautiful Javascript and Flash Galleries
This is Vivalogo's list of the most beautiful free Javascript and Flash gallery software.
Programming is all about passion.
Yes, you can be a programmer and get your job done without actually loving your job. You can clock in 9 am and clock out 5 pm and collect your salary at the end of the month, day in and day out but you don't enjoy the job at all. You can even climb up the management ladder and collect a far fatter paycheck after you grow tired of the technical things. Oh no, moving up the management ladder is the way to go (besides switching track, of course) if you don't love programming.
The 6 Most Important CSS Techniques You Need To Know
I thought I would give a quick tutorial, with examples, of the 6 most important CSS techniques that I think you need to know:

1. Get a Consistent Base Font Size
2. Get Consistent Margins
3. Set a Float to Clear a Float
4. Image Replacement
5. Faux Columns
6. CSS Sprites
Learning jQuery: A Roundup Roundup
I’ve been really getting into this jQuery phenomenon lately. jQuery is tightly tied to CSS, so if you are already comfortable with CSS and are looking for ways to expand your possibilities, jQuery is the place to be. You can achieve so many cool effects with it, and there are so many good learning resources out there for it I think it makes sense for serious web designers to start getting their hands dirty with this.

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