Monday, March 24, 2008

Useful articles and links

  • YUI 2.5.1 Released: Improved AIR support, JSON security patch, YUI Configurator, and bug fixes
    The YUI team released version 2.5.1 today and it’s available for download from SourceForge. This is a general patch release with 67 issues addressed throughout the library. 2.5.1 improves support for developers running YUI in Adobe’s AIR environment and addresses an important security issue raised over the weekend regarding JSON parsing in FireFox.
  • CSS Message Box collection
    Message boxes are useful elements to display status messages after or during a specific user request. Some days ago I wrote this post about how to implement a nice Ajax chains of effects (fade in, delay, fade out) for a common message box using mootools.
  • Top Open Source PHP Frameworks
    After RoR there are lot many frameworks in PHP which are either inspired by it or based on MVC pattern. Today I am throwing some light on some of it, which I came across (I mean heard) during my development experience in PHP. Here I am talking about next generation Open Source PHP frameworks which I came across.
  • Rails for PHP Developers
    This function reference covers commonly used PHP libraries to their closest Ruby equivalents. The reference is structured very closely against the PHP reference library.
  • To use Open Source or not
    We all know about open source software. The seemingly endless libraries of code and applications ready to use and implement into a business environment. Now colleague Myles Eftos has been discussing the use of open source applications and there implementations of late. This debate is an old as the hills, but still from time to time it’s good to pull it out of the draw, dust it off and start the discussion off again.
  • 10 tools for Modern PHP Development
    A simple list of tools for modern PHP development. There are alternatives to most of the tools, but I’ll list native PHP tools wherever possible.

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