Friday, April 11, 2008

Why you should use Symfony?

Actually, you can find plenty of reason why or why not you should use symfony framework. I think advantageous facts are much more than its disadvantages. Thierry Schellenbach has listed 10 reasons why you should use Symfony.
  1. Ajax and Javascript
  2. Instant admin interface: Advanced crud generation for admin interface
  3. Nice Urls: The Routing System
  4. Form Handling: Fillin, Validation and Creation
  5. Debugging on Steroids
  6. Internationalization and Localization (i18n & L10n)
  7. Caching
  8. Development environments
  9. Do not repeat yourself!
  10. Bridges to other frameworks
As you see, these reasons are enough for anyone who wish to rapidly develop web2.0 style web applications. Please find whole article from here.


MMB said...

Symfony is very good framework for fast and easy developing website.

Riddhi said...

there is no given more information about unit testing in symfony. if any one have more information about unit testing then give commant with url or address or reference book.