Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Programs

I mostly use open source or free softwares in my desktop and laptop. Here is the general purpose softwares installed on my desktop.

Firefox - Everything you need when you are connected. With its add-ons, you can do anything you wish.

Irfanview - For image

Notepad++ - Simple notepad replacement to see code files without loading huge IDES. It has nice syntax coloring, and formating feature for all languages you know.

Filezilla - Using it when transferring

7zip - Very cool archiving software that you can use instead of winrar, winzip etc... Support many formats of archives.

Bsplay - Free and old version of BSPlay. New version now costs money ;) After installing codec package, you can watch all types of video.

Winamp - Listen to the music, radio and online tv.

Bitlord- Sometimes you need to download from torrent world. Bitlord is the coolest and simplest client. i like it, but the old one. New version looks like very complex.

Pdfcreator - Convert your any types of files into PDF.

Gtalk - Easy to use and simple chat that is integrated with Gmail. I Love Google.

Kaspersky - The only one anti-virus i have ever trusted.

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