Monday, September 17, 2007

Hiding your files in image on Windows

On windows, you sometimes need to hide your files. There are softwares that allow you to do it, but they all needs big download and installation. Here is the simple and secure way how to hide your files in JPG, GIF, PNG image files.
  1. Rar(archive) your files using Winrar.
  2. Find any picture that you want your files hidden in it. Lets say that picture name is "pic.jpg"
  3. Open windows command console. (Start->Run->cmd)
  4. Run following command; copy /b pic.jpg + secrets.rar picwithsecrets.jpg
That is all. Now the archived file is hidden in the picwithsecrets.jpg file. Using the explorer, when you browse and open your file, you will see only image, but the size is bigger cos it contains secrets.rar inside. To get your secrets from image, you normally extract the image file with winrar.

Hope it helps ;)

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