Sunday, July 6, 2008

Outsource your Symfony and Zend framework applications

It is been quite long time since we have chose Symfony and Zend framework as a PHP5 development. I was wondering how we were developing using plain PHP. It was all pain! The only best way was to create our custom framework and use it on all projects. These frameworks are the best practice and result of what PHP developers used in the past to create their web applications. We now focused on the web application outsourcing under the company Singleton LLC, which i founded a year ago. Our team is now capable of building small to medium sized web applications using these framework. Having developed tens of projects, we now see that we should really be different from other teams in India, or Pakistan. We should develop in such a way not to earn money in a shortest time, but to work in a detail-oriented ways to deliver what customer exactly wished. To deliver running application is not the final result, and it shouldn't be the outsourcing goal even for small teams like us. So we really focused on details, and comminication. We understood that we need more than just a coding.

On the other side, the are buyers who wish to have their software codes in a cheapest and shortest way, while the others are looking for someone who can implement their ideas in quite cheap but qualified way. We'd rather to work with the companies who are looking for qualified team, but the quite reasonable price. Our aim is not to become the cheaper than others, but more qualified.

If you are looking for a responsive and responsible team to implement your ideas into real life, we are available for hire. You can outsource your Symfony and Zend Framework projects to us.


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